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Creating centers of excellence

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    Innovative learning schemes

    We offer highly specialized training programs for niche industries and novel topics. To support economic growth and the acquisition of the necessary human capital, our focus lies on innovation and digital transformation in particular.

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    Consultancy on economy and business development

    Our approach is to understand and take into account dynamic developments that players in economic fields are confronted with. By means of our consulting activities and by participating in novel real-time learning programs, we solve real challenges in societies, economies and organizations.

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    Investing in people

    GNB Swiss Investments supports schemes aimed at high-potential individuals and companies who want to excel in dynamic market landscapes. Professional and analytical skills are deepened and advanced in conjunction with application tools.

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    By providing the necessary resources, GNB Swiss Investments enables companies to expand their scope of action. Access to highly specialized expertise allows them to achieve goals in a growing economy and to carry out expansion plans.

Human advancement as a social and economic growth factor

Human capital is the resource for a sustainable economy and social development. GNB Swiss Investments strives to support the development of economies by building state-of-the-art centers of excellence.

We maintain the excellence of our customized education and training programs through ongoing collaboration with internationally renowned professors, researchers, business professionals and industry experts.

Skills for the future

We support innovative training programs and engage in consulting activities for governments, organizations, companies and individuals.

This includes aerospace engineering and its applications, cybersecurity, digital banking, defense technologies and solutions, and sustainable energy and nuclear security.

Ranging from short courses and seminars to fully accredited master's degrees, our digital classrooms mirror the face-to-face classroom experience by providing an interactive and personalized learning platform.

Economic powerhouse of the future

As accomplished investment professionals and visionaries, we stand for economic progress. If you would like to learn more about GNB Swiss Investments, please get in touch. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.