Our services

Extraordinary growth prospects

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    The booming trend towards digital financial services is expected to continue. Given the attractiveness of the fintech sector, we invest in companies with strong teams and long-term time horizons.

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    Corporate Investments

    Innovation is the essential factor for any competitive financial center. GNB Swiss Investments creates space for fintech companies with industry expertise and financial resources to realize future-oriented and market-changing concepts.

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    Project Development

    We meticulously consider all critical factors. We assist partners with new product development and business decisions. We always keep an eye on the ever-changing governmental and regulatory framework.

Broad availability in an increasingly connected world

New, disruptive technologies allow for broader availability of financial services. The focus of our work is to help companies thrive in the competitive and highly dynamic fintech landscape.

With our in-depth industry experience and value creation resources, GNB Swiss Investments supports the development of high-growth fintech solutions.

Our Fintech Projects

Our blockchain based seamless digital platform offers ultimate digital banking financial and social services for B2B and B2C. Cross border and remittances as well as value added services are qualitatively among the leading technologies globally. Our Concept of operation is unique and places us in a leading position specially in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

We continue to invest in the R&D and plan to grow organically and through merger acquisitions. Strategic partnership with financial institutions and Telecommunication operators cements our market expansion plans.

Fintech projects with exponential upside potential

Strong organic growth and scalable business models - for a comprehensive insight into GNB's activities in the Fintech space, feel free to contact us for more information.